1. either corner of the eye, where the eyelids meet
    • 1955: the lowly East with its deer head (dark trace of long tear at inner canthus) — Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

7 letters in word "canthus": A C H N S T U.

Anagrams of canthus:

Words found within canthus:

ach act acts ah ahs an ant ants anu as ash astun at aunt aunts can cans canst cant cants cantus cash cast cat cats ch cha chant chants chas chat chats chaunt chut cush cushat cut cuts ha han hant hants has hast hat hats haunt haunts haut hun huns hunt hunts hut huts na nach nah nas nat natch nats nautch nth nu nucha nus nut nuts sac san sant sat sau sauch saunt saut scan scant scat scath scut scuta sh sha shan shat shun shunt shut snatch snath st stanch stun such sun sunhat ta tach tachs tan tanh tanhs tans tas tash tau taus than thans thus tuan tuans tun tuna tunas tuns tush uh un uncast unhat unhats uns us ut uta utas uts